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Honesty in Leadership

Of all the characteristics typically included on lists that define leadership, the word honesty is often missing.  As one who has taught many courses on various leadership development topics, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous individuals ranging from senior executives to members of the rank and file. …

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Why is finding “purpose” so hard?

The encouragement to “live your purpose” is all around us all the time. Every time I look at social media, I am inundated with posts and quotes encouraging me to live my purpose and examples of people living their purpose. It seems so easy. So… why is it so hard?…

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Powerful Questions for Emergence

In the world of leadership development, we are consistently looking for ways to generate new understanding and challenging others to grow and learn. For decades, the methodology of theory-practice-reflection – leading with a concept to learn, applying that concept, and then reflecting on the experience – has proven most prevalent.…

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Mike Watson on Developing Purpose

Mike Watson, Founder of Heart-Centric Leadership and Professor at the Arts Institute of Charlotte, shares his progression for developing purpose as a leader.

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