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Growth Mindset: The Growth Leadership Series Part 2

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I suck at this job,” or “I’m so smart,” or “I’m bad at math.” These phrases and statements are common – we all make similar assertions from time to time. They offer a fixed way of viewing ourself. The danger is this type of thinking…

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Honesty in Leadership

Of all the characteristics typically included on lists that define leadership, the word honesty is often missing.  As one who has taught many courses on various leadership development topics, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous individuals ranging from senior executives to members of the rank and file. …

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Leadership Development Abroad

Most college students prefer enjoying their study abroad time by exploring new cultures, eating the most delicious food possible and meeting authentic people. It is, of course, unconventional to see exchange students sleeping in front of their laptops worrying about what internships they are applying to, how to plan their…

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