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Why Perspective Matters in Conflict

When I experience conflict (or what I often call, misalignment) with someone, I can feel energy moving through my body, I get butterflies in my stomach, and I almost feel flush. Not only do I have the physical experience, but I get caught up in my head, running scenario after…

Leadership Applied reflection

Thinking Back With Depth

Thinking is the way we humans learn. But there are lots of different ways, and depths, to think. Reflection is the mode to extrapolate learning – and simply defined, reflection is thinking back on past experience. We all do this naturally, all the time. For example, I’m not going to have…

Leadership Applied Chambers building at dusk

Do stuff. Learn Things.

As Dewey noted, we don’t learn by doing, we learn by thinking about what we do. The caveat to this statement is that if we aren’t doing anything, we have nothing to think about. In order to think, analyze, reflect, you need something to think, analyze, and reflect on. If…

Leadership Applied

Why Cognitive Diversity Will Make Your Team Stronger

How many times have your teachers, professors and even bosses asked you to form your own teams to produce some output—whether it be a presentation, report or something more abstract? I’ve been asked that question in practically every classroom and work setting since I was in kindergarten. And in spite…

Leadership Applied Erica Urban with friends

Social Productivity

In college, I would get back to my room well after midnight not realizing that my whole night had been taken away by a conversation with a friend. I would then decide it was time to be “productive”. The next morning, I would feel regret for the long conversation the…

Leadership Applied Meg Seitz

Meg Seitz on Leading from Values

Meg Seitz, Founder and Managing Creative Director of Toth Shop, shares her thoughts on leading with values and how that plays a role in her life as an entrepreneur.

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