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Leadership Applied people running

Learning to “Run to Trouble”

Challenge is everywhere. Each of us experiences hard situations, difficult people, tall tasks, things not working out, and times when we just want to run away. This is not new to the human condition, and the challenges around us seem to continually get more complex and overwhelming. These challenges exist…

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Leading with Questions

Powerful Questions as a way to Foster Leadership Development Have you ever been asked a powerful question that took you aback, dove into you, and pulled out new thinking or emotions that you didn’t know you had? I had a former colleague that did that with relative ease. I would…

Leadership Applied Malcolm Campbell with student in lab

Malcolm Campbell on Failing

Professor of Biology at Davidson College, Malcolm Campbell, shares his philosophy on working with students to develop leadership.

Leadership Applied Students on campus

Lead From Strength

Many college students come to college not knowing their strengths.  Students and professionals in the workplace have been taught the conventional approach that you should maintain your personal strengths and work on fixing your weaknesses.  Typically, this is done through identifying improvement areas and then creating a plan on how…