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Leadership Experience View of NYC from Human Rights Watch

Partnership in Leading Effectively

This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to intern for Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights watchdog organization. I spent eight weeks working for their Children’s Rights Division at the organization’s headquarters in New York City. My main assignment for the summer was to fact-check and proofread components…

Leadership Experience Claire and Maryam

The Power of a Connection

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA— I was first exposed to the intricacies of South African women’s birth and breastfeeding experiences when I interned at a public hospital in Cape Town in the fall of 2016. Intrigued and inspired by what I learned, I returned to Cape Town during the summer of…

Leadership Experience AJ with an artist

A Summer with Syrian Artists

The Palestinian-Syrian poet stood before the Berlin coffee shop table checking his watch and stroking his long, disheveled hair. As we bolted through the doors and placed the recorder and cameras on the table, he turned to ask what I planned to discuss and who my friend was. “He’s from…