On Life and Meaning


I had the honor of joining friend and colleague in the work of leadership development, Mark Peres, in his On Life and Meaning podcast.

To listen to the podcast, follow this link or listen below.

From the website:


  • Dave explains the Chidsey Center for Leadership Development and what it does.
  • He defines leadership, how it shows up and what informs it.
  • He shares how he teaches leadership.
  • He addresses the training development methodologies of ‘theory, practice, reflection‘ and ‘powerful questions for emergence.’
  • Dave describes the current cohort of students he is teaching on campus and whether students are more interested in being leaders or seeming to be leaders.
  • He discusses the state of leadership in America today.
  • He answers whether leadership education failing.
  • He explains about why he doesn’t like the phrase ‘soft skills’ and the difference between technical and adaptive skills.
  • Dave shares where he grew up, how it shaped him and what his parents modeled.
  • He talks about how he benefits from being a tall white male in America and what he learned from participating in an Americore poverty-education program.
  • He answers who he was an undergraduate and what he likes most about being and working on a college campus today.
  • He discusses his work as a leadership consultant and how he found his way to Davidson College.
  • Dave addresses whether the Chidsey Center is where it needs to be, what he has learned about himself as leader of a center, and who he admires as a leader.
  • He reveals what he is questioning in his life right now.
  • He answers whether he would want to be a college president one day.
  • Dave shares the work that pulls on him and what he values most.



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Dave Newell is director of the Chidsey Center for Leadership Development.

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