Good! Then…


We all deal with hard. It’s everywhere. This broke, this doesn’t work, this fell through, this isn’t working out, I can’t find it, I don’t have what I need. Hard presents us with a choice: see it as hard and lose heart, or see it as opportunity to learn and expand.

I was recently working with a group discussing how challenges get framed. One participant offered the phrase: Good! Then… What a frame!

The microwave broke? Good, then I can learn how to cook this on the stove. We don’t have enough copies? Good, then we can learn how to share more effectively. We don’t have the resources? Good, then we can learn how to be nimble and stretch what we have.

When something doesn’t work, or is missing, or hard, you have a choice how you perceive it. Good, then you can choose to be the leader you need to be.


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Dave Newell is director of the Chidsey Center for Leadership Development.

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