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A Leadership Reading List

In the Chidsey Center, we strongly believe in lifelong learning and in particular about leadership.  Leadership is a journey, and no matter how talented or knowledgable we might be, we still exist on a growth continuum when it comes to leadership. With this blog, we have shared new insights, experiences,…

General Meg Seitz

Meg Seitz on Confident Decision Making

Meg Seitz, Founder and Managing Creative Director of Toth Shop, offers thoughts on the importance of confident decision making and where it comes from.

Leadership Exploration Phi Hall & the Well

Powerful Questions for Emergence

In the world of leadership development, we are consistently looking for ways to generate new understanding and challenging others to grow and learn. For decades, the methodology of theory-practice-reflection – leading with a concept to learn, applying that concept, and then reflecting on the experience – has proven most prevalent.…

Leadership Exploration Mike Watson

Mike Watson on Developing Purpose

Mike Watson, Founder of Heart-Centric Leadership and Professor at the Arts Institute of Charlotte, shares his progression for developing purpose as a leader.

General Malcolm Campbell talks to a student

Malcolm Campbell on Leadership

Malcolm Campbell, Professor of Biology at Davidson College, shares his thoughts on what leadership means to him as a scientist and teacher.

Leadership Applied Meg Seitz

Meg Seitz on Leading from Values

Meg Seitz, Founder and Managing Creative Director of Toth Shop, shares her thoughts on leading with values and how that plays a role in her life as an entrepreneur.

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