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Leadership Applied Conflict

Why Perspective Matters in Conflict

When I experience conflict (or what I often call, misalignment) with someone, I can feel energy moving through my body, I get butterflies in my stomach, and I almost feel flush. Not only do I have the physical experience, but I get caught up in my head, running scenario after…

Leadership Experience Lucy (far right of photo) serving in Mwandi

Guilt Gets You Nowhere

I was born into a life of privilege. I did nothing to earn an advantage in life but I have one none the less. This summer, I became more aware of my privilege and was challenged to cope with the guilt I feel for having it. Mwandi is a rural…

Leadership Experience Nick Johnson working for the Paris Review

Publishing’s Paradox

One of the most common lines I heard this summer in reference to the literary world was its hesitance to change. Understandably so: publishing revenue margins are diminishing with every poetic word you and I read online, yet some people cannot relinquish the sensation of a physical book. Online content…

Leadership Applied reflection

Thinking Back With Depth

Thinking is the way we humans learn. But there are lots of different ways, and depths, to think. Reflection is the mode to extrapolate learning – and simply defined, reflection is thinking back on past experience. We all do this naturally, all the time. For example, I’m not going to have…

Leadership Applied Chambers building at dusk

Do stuff. Learn Things.

As Dewey noted, we don’t learn by doing, we learn by thinking about what we do. The caveat to this statement is that if we aren’t doing anything, we have nothing to think about. In order to think, analyze, reflect, you need something to think, analyze, and reflect on. If…

Leadership Exploration Lucy jumping

The Why, How, and What of You

Have you ever been asked the question, “who are you?” Feels unfair, right? Our identity, the way we define who we are, gets wrapped up in layers upon layers of information, stories, truths and half truths, our version and versions from other people. It’s so much information to process that…

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